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Course Materials and Session Recordings

All the sessions in the lecture series are recorded. You can access the recordings and individual course materials after each session. 

Week 1: African Development. Contemporary and Historical 
 - Tuesday, February 1: Introduction with Elias Papaioannou, Leonard Wantchekon, Nathan Nunn and Stelios Michalopoulos: Recording
- Tuesday, February 1, Main Lecture 1: African Development and History with Christopher Ehret
 Lecture Slides (C. Ehret) | Q&A (Week 1) | Recording
- Wednesday, February 2, Special Lecture 1: Long-run trends of development in Africa with Morten Jerven, Ewout Frankema, and Marlous van Waijenburg
Lecture Slides (M. Jerven) | Lecture Slides (E. Frankema) | Lecture Slides (M. Waijenburg) | Q&A (Week 1) | Recording

Week 2: Precolonial Africa. Political Organization and Mode of Subsistence Economy

- Tuesday, February 8, Main Lecture 2: Precolonial Africa. Political Organization with Stelios Michalopoulos, and Warren Whatley: 
Lecture Slides (S. Michalopoulos), Lecture Slides (W. Whatley), Recording, Q&A (Week 2).
- Wednesday, February 9, Special Lecture 2: On Origins of African States with James Fenske, and Marcella Alsan
Lecture Slides (J. Fenske), Lecture Slides (M. Alsan)Recording,  Q&A (Week 2)
- Thursday, February 10, Special Lecture 3: Mapping Contemporary African Development with Tanner Regan and Elias Papaioannou: Lecture Slides (T. Regan) | Recording | Q&A (Week 2)

Week 3: Social Structure

- Tuesday, February 15, Main Lecture 3 (3 pm GMT): Social Structure [kinship, family, social relations] with Nathan Nunn

Lecture Slides (N. Nunn)| Recording| Q&A (Week 3).
- Wednesday, February 16, Special Lecture 4 (3 pm GMT): Understanding African Studies with Awa Ambra Seck and Amma Panin: Lecture Slides (A. Seck), Lecture Slides (A. Pannin), Recording, Q&A (Week 3).
- Thursday, February 17, Special Lecture 5 (3 pm GMT): African History through the life of Leonard Wantchekon with Nathan Nunn and Leonard Wantchekon
Lecture Slides (L. Wantchekon), Lecture Slides (Memoir), Recording, Video (Amazones), Q&A (Week 3).

Week 4: The Slave Trades

- Tuesday, February 22, Main Lecture 4 (3 pm GMT): The Slave Trades with Nathan Nunn
Lecture Slides (N. Nunn), Recording. Q&A (Week 4).
- Wednesday, February 23, Special Lecture 6 (4 pm GMT): The Slave Trades' Impact on Population and Africans with Patrick Manning, and Ugo Nwokeji
Lecture Slides (P. Manning), Lecture Slides (G. Ugo ), Q&A (Week 4), Recording.

Week 5: The Scramble for Africa

- Tuesday, March 1, Main Lecture 5 (3 pm GMT): The Scramble for Africa with Stelios Michalopoulos and Jeffrey Herbst
Lecture Slides (J. Herbst), Lecture Slides (S. Michalopoulos), Recording, Q&A (Week 5).
- Wednesday, March 2, Special Lecture 7 (3 pm GMT): A Closer Look at South Africa and Nigeria from Colonization with Nonso Obikili, and Johan Fourie
Lecture Slides (J. Fourier)
, Lecture Slides (N. Obikili), (Q&A Week 5). Recording.

Week 6: Colonization I. Introduction & Human Capital

- Tuesday, March 8, Main Lecture 6 (3 pm GMT): Colonization I. Introduction. Human Capital and Infrastructure with Elias Papaioannou and Leonard Wantchekon
Lecture Slides (E. Papaioannou), Lecture Slides (L. Wantchekon), Recording, Q&A (Week 6).
- Wednesday, March 9, Special Lecture 8 (3 pm GMT): On the Legacy of Christian Missions with Etienne Le Rossignol,  Catherine Guirkinger and Dozie Okoye
Lecture slides (E. Le Rossignol), Lecture slides (C. Guirkinger), Lecture slides (D. Okoye), Recording, 
Q&A (Week 6).

Week 7: Colonization II. Infrastructure & Extractive Institutions

- Tuesday, March 15, Main Lecture 7 (3 pm GMT): Colonization II. Infrastructure and Extraction with Elias Papaioannou
Lecture slides (E. Papaioannou), Recording, Q&A (Week 7)
- Wednesday, March 16, Special Lecture 9 (3 pm GMT): Colonial Infrastructure and Repression with Roland Pongou and Belinda Archibong
Lecture slides (B. Archibong) | 
Lecture slides (R. Pongou), Q&A (Week 7), Recording.

Week 8: Colonization III. Decolonization and Early Independence

- Tuesday, March 22, Main Lecture 8 (3 pm GMT): Colonization III. Decolonization and Early Independence with Leonard Wantchekon
Lecture slides (L. Wantchekon), Recording | Q&A (week 8) 
- Wednesday, March 23, Special Lecture 10 (3 pm GMT): Local Government and Tax Capacity with Jutta Bolt, and Leigh Gardner
Lecture slides (Bolt. J) | Lecture slides (Gardner. L) | Recording | Q&A (week 8)

Week 9: Cold War, Third Wave of Democratization, and Recent Progress

- Thursday, March 31, Main Lecture 9 (9 pm BST): 31st Annual Kuznets Memorial Lecture: Political Distortions and Economic Development with Leonard Wantchekon. Hosted at Yale by Economic Growth Center
Lecture slides (Wantchekon. L) | Recording
- Wednesday, March 30, Special Lecture 11 (5 pm BST): Colonial Concessions with Giorgio Chiovelli, and Sara Lowes
Lecture slides (Lowes. S)
|| Lecture slides (Chiovelli. G) | RecordingQ& A (Week 9)

Week 10: Persistence. Challenges & Opportunity

- Tuesday, April 5, Main Lecture 10 (3 pm BST): Educational and Social Mobility in Africa with David Laitin, Gábor Nyéki, Leonard Wantchekon and Elias Papaioannou
Lecture slides (Laitin. D) | Lecture slides (Papaioannou. E) | Lecture slides (Wantchekon. L) | Q&A (Week 10)
- Wednesday, April 6, Plenary Session 1 (3 pm BST): Foreign Aid with Bill Easterly, and Celestin Monga and Dr Mo Ibrahim
Lecture slides (Easterly. W) | Lecture slides (Monga. C) | Recording | Q&A (Week 10)

Week 11: Farewell & Conclusion. Looking Forward

- Tuesday, April 12, Plenary Session 2 (3 pm BST): Africa's Latent Assets and the Future with Chima J. Korieh, and James Robinson
Lecture Slides | Recording | Q&A (Week 11)
- Wednesday, April 13, Plenary Session 3 (3 pm BST): Conclusion and Africa; WEIRD or Not? with Joe Henrich and full teaching team
Lecture Slides (J. Henrich)Recording | Q&A (Week 11)

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